"Our Life is a Circus".

  "The Art of Surviving Autism".

         For over 20 years I have shared my life with my rock and roll son, Phoenix Sebastian.

I have taught him to be the most he can be and let him be all he wants to be.

Phoenix just happens to be Autistic. 

 He inspires me daily by everything he does and in everything I do.

   The title  for the first book "Our Life is a Circus"  is a quote from a man I dated.

He was often a reluctant spectator in our Dervish life, until one day he declared

  "I can't handle it anymore. Your life is a circus".My response was "......and?".

    He wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. Our life IS a circus. Everyday Phoenix surprises the world with a new performance. He does so with the greatest of ease, without a director, rehearsals or even a script and with lots of costume changes and music. His only safety net is me. When out in public Phoenix is the star attraction. He always has an attentive audience, willing or not. Phoenix has sat on an alligator, tussled with a snake (that he brought into the house), picked swarms of bees off flowers without being stung ( which he enjoys doing), wrestled an elephant and rode a white horse like Elvis.

 He has yet to tango with a tiger. But believes he will?

​There is an art to surviving autism and our life is a circus.  Phoenix  is not just a human Fire Bird,

he is  the star performer and I am the Ring Master.

Let the show begin. You can applaud now.

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The Art of Surviving Autism.....

"Our Life is a Circus",

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